Akerøya  -  A serene island perfect for a day on the beach. This photo: Kyrre Hurum

Akerøya - what a summer paradise! After you have visited the island on a sunny summer day you will understand why boat- and swimming guests have taken this island to heir heart.

Akerøya is located just west of the islands Spjærøy and Asmaløy. Akerøya is also a favorite spot for bird lovers and is the best known bird locality in the Outer Hvaler National Park. The island is an important resting place for migrating birds. An ornithological station is located on the island, which is considered the best place in the country to acquire knowledge about all the birds that arrive in Norway and use Akerøya as their first stop before continuing their journey.

Willow Warblers

The oldest trace of human activity on Akerøya is a burial mound, probably from the Bronze Age (approx. 1800-500 BC). The Fortress islet with Akerøy Fortress is located just east of Akerøya. The fortress was built during the period 1680-1750 as an outer fortification of the Fredriksten fortress in Halden and the Fredrikstad fortifications. Akerøy Fortress is one of the most visible and spectacular heritage sites in the Outer Hvaler National Park.

Akerøya Fortress

Here, both children and adults will get a sense of the archipelago's history, the islet's great location and the area's rich flora. The island has been inhabitated during several periods, and small farms have been here. Akerøya is one of the most widely used recreational areas in the Hvaler archipelago. The most attractive part of the island is the area around the farm in the middle of the island and the beaches and rocks on the island's north-eastern side.

Here are good morring opportunities for your boat and for going ashore for a walk, a swim or to tent. Akerøya's popularity is also caused by the short travel distance, whether you come from Fredrikstad or any of the Hvaler islands. There is no ferry to or from Akerøya.