Blue – The Green Way

 Quiet and beautiful alternative to the E6


The Blue - green road is another name for the stretch of road between Halden in Østfold and Dingle in Munkedal in Sweden. The Blue - green road is named after the scenery along this beautiful stretch of road. The fjord, the blue lakes, and the magnificent meadows combine with the green forests.

Idyllic Enningdalen


Combine a visit to Halden with a ride on the Blue - green road. Halden is an idyllic small town where the city center is easily accessible on foot. Take a stroll along the pedestrian street, park, around the marina or on the walkway along the Tista River which flows as a great channel through the city. Halden has some of the country's greatest empire quarters. A few shopping malls, specialty shops, galleries, cafes and restaurants provide great services for visitors.


Finish your visit in Halden at the fortress, which sits proudly above the town and that has never been captured in battle. Outside the fort is County Road 22 and where the blue - green road starts in Norway. The road winds first in a fairly flat landscape, but after about 10 minutes, it winds its way into the Iddefjord fjord and here the road continues with lots of turns and the road frequently switches with height differences down to the fjord’s level to rise around 100 meters. Then the road continues until you reach Enningedalen, where the road straightens and surrounds with stunning scenery. The Enningdalselvaright runs through the valley, arising in Bullaresjöarna and ending in Iddefjord. You’ll find great fishing there in Enningdalselva, which is one of the few salmon rivers in Østfold. At Holt by the national border to Sweden, the coastal path in Østfold actually starts. From here, the coastal path goes all the way to downtown Halden. On the other side of the border, the Blue - green road continues about 45 minutes in the car before ending up in the town of Dingle in Munkedal. This is a fantastic journey that is recommended to be enjoyed by foot. Here we will look at some of the places and attraction to experience the Blue Cast green way:


1. Idd Church

The church was probably built sometime in the 1100s. The church is one of the 16 stone churches that still exist among the 30 that were built in Østfold in the Middle Ages, complete with stone altar, baptismal bowl made of soapstone, and two crucifixes.

2. Ringdalsfjord / Iddefjord

Østlandets only fjord in Vestland. This fjord has been the scene of many naval battles between Norwegians and Swedes. Very rich in fish species and with fine swimming in summer.

3. Fagerholt

Fagerholt masonry is the only preserved stone masonry by Iddefjord. The masonry continued working stone all the way into the 1990s. The place is open to visitors


4. Glende Bridge

Restored arched bridge from 1864




Tel: +47 913 81 683. Camping ground with 10 cabins. Holds approximately 25 caravans with electric outlets. Newly restored service building and playground for children. Salmon Fishing in Enningdalselva. Fishing licenses for sale. Canoes and rowing. Great hiking in the woods and mountains.

6. Elgåfossen: The Elgå River

The cross-river Elgåfoss is Østfolds biggest waterfall and certainly one of the finest attraction long Blue-green Road. It’s a 46 meter high waterfall with exciting border history and cultural heritage. Parking area, picnic area with toilets. Path to the waterfall. Fantastic walking area.






Church from the 1100s, well known for its beautiful ceiling paintings from the 1700s. A large Iron Age burial ground extends from the church to Östad.

8. Bullaren

Bullaren, also called Bullarebygd is a village in the northern Bohuslӓn. It has previously been both Bullaren's Härad and Bullaren's Municipality, but is now the northeastern part of Tanum’s Municipality. Bullaren has an amazing wilderness area all year round.



Tel: +46 0525 40120,,

Tingvall is scenically situated with a fantastic view over the sea. Organic gardening, bed and breakfast, event center, hiking trails, organic menu with its own cafe, canoe and bike rentals. Minto offers exciting activities in the archipelago, at sea and in the rivers.



Tel: +46 0524 409 50,

Open stone masonry with assistance and stonecutter days. Art handiwork in granite from Bohuslän. Café with local products, art exhibitions and a craft shop. Retro nostalgia mixed with ceramics, textiles, silver, wood, concrete, and more. Quiet and serene scenic camping. 20 sites with electricity and two cottages.


Tel: +46 0524 320 88, Epost:

Rental log cabins and B & B, restaurant, and conference facilities in the scenic and rustic areas. Fishing, hunting, boats, canoes and activities. Fishing license.


12. STENEHED GRAVEYARD, Hällevadsholm

The site consists of at least 40 antiques. The graveyard has round mounds up to 20 feet in diameter, often with visible ditches around. There are also up to 10 feet long piles and a broken stone vessels with two grave stones and four additional stones.

13. Hostel, Dingle

Tel: +46 0524 282 36, Fax: +46 0524 40001.

In the summer, we open the farming school’s dormitory for tourists. Those interested can explore the garden, school agriculture, and animals. We serve breakfast, too. We welcome you with open arms!

Blue / Green


The green line shows the county road 22 from Halden to the Swedish border, the Norwegian part of the Blue - green road. The blue dashed line shows the coastal path.

 The Coastal Trail: