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Voodoo Nightclub 

Our goal is to always have the best sound and lighting equipment, as well as the best DJs!

Address: Nygaardsg. 33 A, 1607 Fredrikstad
Telephone: 913 75 660


Café Oline

Alcohol licensed and serving food. 

Address: Søndre Sandøy, 1692 Hvaler
Telephone:  48326666


Bar (t)
Possibly Fredrikstad's finest bar!  Invites you and good friends to warm gatherings.

Address: Nygata 2-4, 1607 Fredrikstad

Telephone: 93469053


One of the best eateries in Fredrikstad. In addition to the restaurant which we call "Stuen", we also have "Kroen" where we serve both tavern dishes and drinks, as well as in our beer garden.

Address: Voldportgaten 73, 1632 Gamle Fredrikstad
Telephone: 69 32 15:55


We take in the most exciting news from the Norwegian microbrews front, and in our beer warehouse we have bottles from around the world. We always have something to recommend on the days you want to try something new.

Address: Storgata 17, 1607 Fredrikstad
Telephone: 69369910

Café Magenta

At Café Magenta we have live music more than a 100 times a year! Every Wednesday and Friday - ALL YEAR ROUND - - you can get down to the café and enjoy live music. Café Magenta is Fredrikstad's new culture café.


Address: Toldbodgaten 105, 1632 Fredrikstad

Telephone: 69320012/922 47671

Ocean Club

Popular place over two floors for those who like to dance and for those who want to relax in a little quieter surroundings.

Address: Dampskipsbrygga 12-14, 1607 Fredrikstad

Telephone: 69 30 00 33/94 88 19 50


Centrally located on the pier in Fredrikstad, focusing on good atmosphere and good drinks. Basic food meny.
Concerts and events on the second floor.

Storgata 5, 1607 Fredrikstad

Phone: 932 14 507


O.M.G. Bar & Restaurant

Trendy bar and restaurant with a touch of American style. Centrally located on the pier in Fredrikstad, over two floors.

Address: Dampskipsbrygga 12, 1607 Fredrikstad
Telephone: 400 83 909


Tiger Tiger 


Popular night club with 18 years age limit. Here you will experience something you would otherwise only find in big cities.


Address: Storgata 4, 1607 Fredrikstad

Telephone: 909 99 587