The Fantastic Coastal Trail in Fredrikstad and Hvaler Takes You Hiking Along the Coast – Full of History, Cultural Heritage and Wonderful Nature


This Is the Coastal Trail
The Coastal Trail is a footpath that is available for everyone. The purpose is to ensure public rights to traffic the coastal zone, thus opening the possibility to gain access to hiking in the beautiful shoreline. This will grant people opportunities for varied outdoor activities, nature experiences and to enjoy the serenity of the shoreline and the archipelago.

An agreement with landowners has been signed. The coastal paths often bind the protected outdoor areas tohether. There are also plans to improve access to heritage sites in the area around the coastal paths, for example by marking. The marked coastal trails are primarily adapted for traffic on foot.

The official Coastal Trail presently only exists on the Hvaler islands Søndre Sandøy, Kirkøy, Asmaløy and Vesterøy. The official coastal trail network doesn't consist of as many kilometers as one would expect in such a large open air paradise. There are footpaths on the Hvaler islands which have been there for several hundred years. It's probably of minor importance for your open air experience whether the path is marked with a blue sign or not. Please, help yourself to the most marvellous hiking landscape you can imagine.