I went to explore Oslo here the other day. Oslo by night is such a beautiful sight. The water was covered in the colours of the sunset.

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Sunsets have for as long as I can remember been something I’ve admired. The beauty of this night was no different. Seeing the many sculptures of the people walking by sure is beautiful. The walk alongside the water is at any time of the day a nice way to explore the city. It’s an urban alternative to a hike in the woods which I do when I’m at home.


Bymiljøetaten in Oslo, The Urban Environment Agency of Oslo, want to highlight six different part of Oslo during the holidays – and so do I. I want to highlight a place where the ocean meets the city. Where the Opera meets Sørenga, which is a place where you can come for a swim, a bite to eat or just for a walk.

The walk alongside the water, Oslo Havnepromenade, extends along the entire waterfront, from Frognerkilen west to Kongshavn east. Here you can experience the fjord, art, architecture, relax on a bench in the sun, go for a swim, skate, bike, shop or simply just go for a walk and enjoy the scenery like I did. Oslo has a little something for everyone.