Elingaard Manor is undoubtedly one of Østfold's most exciting attractions to visit during the summer. Elingaard is a magnificent mansion with a wonderfully landscaped garden, nature and heritage paths with a croft, mill pond and many ghosts!

Elingaard is one of Østfold's oldest hereditary seat farms. The property was a center of power from the beginning of the Middle Ages, but archaeological  excavations indicate activity dating back to the Viking era. In the area around Elingaard there are relics like petroglyphs and burial mounds from  prehistoric times. The Heftor family, the country's leading family at that time, owned Elingaard from the early 1300's. This genus was related to King Håkon 5. Magnusson, the last king of the Sverre family. The descendants owned the farm for 400 years, until 1778, when Valentin Huitfeldt went bankrupt and had to sell. Elingaard was then one of the county's largest properties. Several noble families have owned this farm.

The main building from 1749 is preserved and the farm is still in full operation. Elingaard had its heyday in the 1600's. The fortress with  bastions and moats was built at that time. Elingaard is now a museum with function rooms, rooms for accomodation and for dinners. The romantic and rustic style, and the green and tranquil surroundings, makes the place perfect for celebrating life's big days, for organizing various events and for conferences and seminars. Fredrikstad Museum has managed Elingaard since 1994. Elingaard s located in Onsøy, along Route 116 between Råde and Fredrikstad.