The majestic Fredriksten fortress

Frediksten fortress is well-placed on a hill section of the city, and is dominant for both the running and the approach to Halden. Fortress is one of the most visited tourist attractions, and it is not too surprising considering that the whole fortress is intact and that it is incredibly beautiful inside the castle area with a great view of Halden, as well as the fact that the fortress is an important part of Norway’s history.

Fredriksten Fortress is situated at the south-east tip of Norway, close to the border with Sweden, and it commands an elevated position above the town of Halden. This photo: Nasjonale Festningsverk


Access to the fortress is well marked for running, and you can drive right up to the fortress where there is a large parking lot. There is also a short walkway from Halden city and up to the fortress.


By making peace in Roskilde in 1658, Norway had to cede Bohuslen to Sweden. This entailed that Halden became the new border, which required a much stronger fortification of the city and the new border. Construction of permanent facilities on Fortress began in 1661, and the fortress was a crucial part of our defenses from 1660 until 1814.



The fortress was besieged six times, but never taken. The Swedish King Karl XII died by the fortress on the 11th of December 1718 during the Swedish effort to take the fortress.

From 1814 until 1905, when Norway was in union with Sweden, the fort's main purpose and meaning was unclear. In 1905 the union was abandoned and the fortress disarmed. It was decided that it should be preserved as a national monument.

Charming waterfont environment with the fortress as an backdrop.