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Galleri Sand

Galleri Sand is based in the Old Town Fredrikstad. The gallery represents the artists Vebjørn Sand, Øivind Sand, Aune Sand and Marianne Aulie.

Address: Torvgaten 61 1632 Gamle Fredrikstad, Norway
Telephone: 69 32 03 00



Østfold kunstnersenter (ØKS) is a communication institution for contemporary art. ØKS covers all of Østfold, and is included in the national network of arts centres. ØKS will work to increase the use of, the knowledge of and the understanding of contemporary art of high quality, without taking commercial considerations.


In 2013 ØKS represented 144 professional artists with a growing proportion of young artists. ØKS is situated in an old stately 1800 century building centrally located in Fredrikstad. The building houses three galleries, two artists' studios, art shop, Kafé Nyt and administration.

Address: Ferjestedsveien 5, 1606 Fredrikstad

Telephone: 69 31 09 95


We are a group of artists working at Bastion5, arts and crafts center. Come and visit our open workshops and experience ceramics, painters and glass artists at work.
There is a special tranquility and atmosphere around our old, venerable fortresses. In this unique atmosphere we have established arts and crafts center, Bastion5. With green meadows, ancient walls and many activities, we hope that the centre will be a gathering point.

Address: Toldbodgaten 105, 106, 107, 1632 Gamle Fredrikstad
Telephone: 986 39 149

Phønix Galleri AS

Address: Phønix gate 3 1606 Fredrikstad, Norway
Telephone: 69 31 78 15


Hvaler got a new town hall in 2000, and the main entrance to the town hall was given space for a gallery. Kunstgaten in Hvaler town hall has become a familiar term and a well attended showroom for artists. 
Kunstgaten is also used to show children and young people creative abilities.

Address: Storveien 32, 1680 Hvaler

StenKunst Hvaler
This is a project that aims to bring international art to Hvaler, localised to Rødshue/Grønnebakke on Kirkeøy. This is an exciting coastline full of remnants from old stone maison business. The project is managed by Hvaler Kunstforening in collaboration with Rotary Hvaler.
The aim is to bring internationally renowned sculptors here every year that will work with local stone and leave behind an artwork in the coastal landscape.



Kunstveien is a common term for a cooperative group exhibiting and selling art and handicrafts.
Kunstveien is located near Hauge on Vesterøy, with walking distance between the etablishments.

Kunstveien has the following partners:

Føinum Art Glass and Ceramics
Watercolors and pastels - Galleri Svalgangen. Tel. 99 54 62 25
Wooden sculpture - Helge Johansen. Tel. 69 37 62 89
Kunstnerkro - Heges Bodega. Tel. 40 55 62 29
Syversen Tea and Coffe.
Art Sales - På Låven. Tel. 93 00 06 09
Maritim ceramics - Flyndre Flat. Tel. 98 42 15 94

Contact for Kunstveien is: Oluf Føinum - tel 69 37 61 60