Getting around

Getting to Oslo and Oslo Fjord, the southeast corner of Norway, is easy using the extensive motorway or national rail network. 

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It is incredibly easy to travel to Oslo and the Oslo Fjord region. Whether you are going by plane, bus, train, car ferry or by car you will quickly get to beautiful Oslo and the Oslo fjord. Fredrikstad has a very well developed network of public transportation, both in the city and surrounding areas.

Essential travel information

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The Oslo Fjord Region has three airports with varying degrees of accessibility to Fredrikstad and Hvaler; Oslo Gardemoen (OSL) and Sandefjord Torp (TRF). Compare flights to Norway, uncover flight routes and find the best prices.

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Buy a Train Tick

If you prefer to enjoy the nature while travelling, and have the trip itself be a part of the destination, we recommend letting the NSB (The Norwegian National Railway) take you on a great trip through the county Østfold`s beautiful landscape. The trips ends in Fredrikstad and from here you can go by bus to the Hvaler Islands.

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