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Several golf courses of different styles offer exciting tee time in our vicinity. There are easy courses and more challenging ones. You can choose from links, parkland, or various inland courses, some with rough terrain.Near Fredrikstad there are four relatively new golf courses which are unique with their special location in the beautiful coastal and cultural landscape. Even the Hvaler islands uttermost in the ocean near Skagerrak have their own lovely golf course. Experience golf as it best in Fredrikstad and Hvaler.


Golf Courses in Fredrikstad and Hvaler

Golf is mainly an outdoor activity suitable for both children and adults. An advantage of this sport is that everyone can play it together, independent of skill or age. For a long time golf was considered a sport for snobs. This may once have held some truth, but today golf is very much a sport for all.

All the courses are within a radius of one hour. You can therefore select a course wherever you may wish to spend your day.


- Play in a lovely landscape surrounded by castles and fortresses

Gamle Fredrikstad Golfklubb’s (Old Fredrikstad Golf Club) new golfing facility is situated just outside the Old Town’s moats. The club itself is located at The Old Town, just a 10-minute walk from downtown Fredrikstad. Here you can play a game of golf in a lovely setting surrounded by the Kongsten fortress and the fortress town in Fredrikstad.

It’s a par 73 course 5,985 meters long from the white tee, 5,740 meters from the yellow and 4,321 meters from the red tee.
The rest of the facility consists of a driving range, a practising area for close playing and a 9-hole Pay & Play of high quality. The course is described as a links marked park course of high quality with a strategic design, challenging greens and some water hindrances.

Hvaler Golf Club
- The Gem of the Hvaler Archipelago

The Hvaler Golf Course is situated in Hvaler municipality, which has approximately 833 islands, islets and reefs from the Swedish border to Fredrikstad. A golf course in this archipelago that can brag of having the most sunny days in all of Norway, makes it possible to play on summer greens all round.


When designing the golf course, great emphasis were put on taking care of the very idyllic and exciting natural and cultural landscape. The greens were created in areas that formerly were used for agricultural production. In addition, the facility has a good infrastructure with short distances between the club house, driving range, short course and parking. The Hvaler Golf Course has professional qualities like large built-in greens and fairways. All of this, along with the course's strategically placed water hindrances and bunkers, provide an adventurous and different playing experience. Adjacent to the golf course there is a well developed and organized tourist hiking trail for the general public. The Hvaler Golf Course offers a 9 and 6-hole course.

Onsøy Golf Club
The golf course is one of Norway's largest, and is ideally situated just 10 minutes from Hankø. The course is an 18-hole forest and parkland course with an international standard. The silence in these scenic surroundings here in the outer Oslo fjord is balm for the soul on an otherwise stressful day. From some of the holes you have a view of the ocean. The facility also houses the special club house with a restaurant and pro shop, practice areas and a tennis court.

Huseby and Hankø Golf Club
- Family-Friendly Golf Club in a Beautiful Cultural Landscape


Close to the summer vacation spots on the coast of Onsøy, is the Huseby & Hankø Golf Club. The club has a 9-hole parkland course in line with the magnificent cultural landscape we find in this area. With its sunny location and proximity to the ocean, the course has a very favorable climate for a long playing season.

Evje Golf Park
The course is situated in wonderful surroundings approx. 25 minutes from Fredrikstad and 7 minutes from downtown Moss, with access from Larkollveien - Highway 119. The main users of the course are locals, vacationers in the region, as well as other golfers in Østfold, Akershus and Oslo.

The golf course consists of an 18-hole championship course of high quality, as well as traning areas for pitching, chipping and putting, a drving range with both mat and teeing grounds, a club house with offices, restrooms/changing rooms, tavern/ restaurant with inside seating for 60-70 people - and a big outdoor terrace.

The architect of the course is Jeremy Turner, who also has designed the Hauger, Kongsberg and Nøtterøy golf courses. Today, Jeff Turner is considered as one of the most prestigious golf course architects in Scandinavia.

The course appears as a mixture of a forest and parkland course with large surfaces. Both architect and builder consider the area of the course as one of the best ever made available to the golf sport in Norway.

It is the company's intention to keep the course open beyond what is considered as a normal playing season in Norway.

The course is fitted for all playing levels, and has four defined tee locations, 64, 61, 54 and 47.

Son Golf Club
- A Gem by the Oslo fjord

The inhabitants of Son could celebrate the opening of the new golf course in August, 2009. Son is a densely populated town at the Oslo fjord in the southern part of Vestby municipality in Akershus county. Son Golf Course is located just west of Son center.

The town is especially known for its old buildings from the Dutch era, with wooden houses and narrow alleys that give a distinctive look one might associate with cities along the coast of southern Norway. Son also has a popular marina.

Norway's best golfer, Henrik Bjørnstad, who has lived in Son for the last three years, is of course a member of the club and uses the course as often as he can. The course offers 9+6-holes

Golf Is Good For The Health
Those who play golf know that there is a connection between golf and health, both the mental and physical. Going for a walk on the golf course is also probably the most important social impetus for the majority of golfers. Surveys show that the main reason why they play golf and continue doing so, is the social aspect of the game. And if you can combine the socially pleasant with the benefit of exercise, much is accomplished.

In the booklet, «Golf är friskård», The Swedish Golf Association writes: "Golf can prolong life. Golf affects the health in a positive way, and the exercise a round gives, leads to a range of health-promoting effects. The condition improves, you get a lower colesterol level, the blood pressure is reduced and you lose weight, just to name a few of the benefits of golf. However, golf does not give positive changes alone. Even the soul gets a life-promoting injection of vitamines. Gold is wellness for both body and soul".

So golf is not just about hitting a ball, but also about improving your health.


A Sport for the Entire Family
The main health factor is still JOY. Golf is a green family sport, where young an old, grandparents and grandchildren can play togehther. Golf is a social sport that can be enjoyed by the entire family. Children as young as six years old can enjoy playing golf. There is no upper age limit, and there several members are in their 80s. The beauty of golf is that it is never too late to start playing. Using clubs, you hit the ball from a tee to a hole in the ground ahead with a minimum of strokes. The distance to each hole varies. The main idea is to use as few strokes as possible.

What makes golf so special is the handicap rules, which decide what skill level you're at. Everyone who wants to, get their own 'handicap' after the beginner stage. This ratio equalizes the difference in player strength, thus adding quite a lot to facilitate an even match on the course.

Thus, it may well be that you win over someone far better than yourself. Just remember that you are not forced to compete on the golf course!

Choose your favourite course or take a golf tour and play on different grounds every day. On the map below, you'll find examples of destinations where you can play golf. Fore!