Fishing, also for lobster, have brough people out here in the past. Fishermen from Herføl put up five or six cabins here. The remains of the cabins can be seen in the bay. Activity is supposed to have been particularly great in the1870's, when "weekly commuters" both from Norway and Sweden, fished for lobster in the area. There is a large cairn with a cross on top of it on Heia, and beside

it two smaller cairns. There is also a rescue cabin for shipwrecked fishermen and sailors, and a restored signal basket on a rocker arm in which the shipwrecked could light a fire and signal for help. The rescue cabin was built of stone and was formerly a fishing cabin. It was given to the Norwegian Rescue Society after the ship "Savanna" wrecked at Christmas in 1896 and five survivors came ashore on the island. History has it that a hermit lived on Heia for a long period sometime in the 1800's. He was supposed to come from Kråkerøy and was called Ole Stråsen på Heia. It was told about him that he could cast spells and that heartbreak made him seek solitude for himself out here.