Kuvauen has several small sandy beaches well protected from the wind. At the innermost eastern side the Directorate of Cultural Heritage has chosen to protect an idyllic sea shed environment with moorings and piers that are quite unique at today's Hvaler.The oldest shed was built as early as 1871 and the last in the mid-1930's. Kuvauen served as a port for both fishermen and pilots. The biggest boat docked out in the bay, the smaller boats and the pilot boats was moored to the shore. The pilot boats were moored with their bows towards the outlet so that they could easily cast off.

Recreational areas around Kuvauen are well suited for hiking. A beautiful trail leads you from the parking lot by the main road to Kuvauen. The terrain alternates between rocks, pebbles and steep slopes, and represents a nice variety for those who seek challenges during the walk. You get a breathtaking view the outer Oslo fjord free with the ride.



"The idyll is perfect here. The motive is taken from the protected sea shed environment at Kuvauen, on the western side of Vesterøy island. Summer vacation is over, school has started again and the August day feels silent and lifeless. The boats that buzzed and rumbled through the strait a few days ago, are moored at the piers and all the happy people have returned back to the city. The adventure of summer has already turned into memories for them all."