Visit Fredrikstad and Hvaler's nature reserves

A number of areas in Fredrikstad and Hvaler are protected under the Nature Protection Act. Nature reserves are the strictest form of area protection and are created to protect specific habitats, such as valuable deciduous forest, coniferous forests, sea bird sanctuaries, marshes, wetlands etc. An extensive documentation is needed in the process. Landscape protection areas are established to take care of distinctive or beautiful nature and cultural landscapes. Special natural resources that have scientific or historicaL interest, such as geological formations or single trees are also subject to protection.

Everyone are welcomed into the protected areas, but are encouraged to act  with care and to pay attention to plant and animal life. Please also note that special protective provisions may apply for each protected area. In seabird sanctuaries, ie. areas of birdlife protection, you are not allowed to go ashore or travel in or through them from April 15 until July 15. This prohibition also applies to traffic at sea within a distance of 50 meters from shore. The county's Departement of Environmental Affairs has the administrative responibility for all conservation areas.

We hope that you will have many fine experiences of the natural world when visiting Fredrikstad and Hvaler's nature reserves. They offer unique experiences, relaxation and recreation. Ramble along the trails and nature paths, visit an archipelago farm, paddle a canoe or enjoy a great meal at one of the inns. The nature reserves in Fredrikstad and Hvaler inspire both children and adults to many activities. Hvaler Municipality also has the highest number of nature reserves in Norway.

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