What a beautiful sight seeing the stars over a lighthouse, the moon reflected in the ocean and feeling of eating outside beneath the light strings. Family and friends jumping from the cliffs, swimming in the ocean. Watching the blue and orange sunset far away in the distance.

Text & Photo by Live Almvik <>  www.livehenriette.com <> Instagram: @livehenriette


4 days, 5 bedrooms, each in a different color than the other one. 14 people I love all at one place. Bbq’ing, sun bathing, talking, reading, fishing, playing cards and boardgames, sitting outside until 2AM, waking up early and eating breakfast together. Following the sun wherever it goes. Some of us got here on a boat, some walked or others kayaked.


I’m sitting here by the kitchen table looking out into the distance. It’s like the sky and ocean matches color and fades together far away. The ducks are swimming in the water outside the window. I’m both tired and wide awake all at the same time. I’m sitting here in my striped pyjamas top, it’s 8:44AM and utter silence (except the sound of the fridge right now). Having endless ocean as a morning view.


My grandpa saying goodnight through his bedroom window? The sun only sets for about 2 or 3 hours in the middle of the summer here in Norway. Sitting here outside the kitchen window. Ten feet away from the dark blue, mirror-like water. Looking out onto the cabin we stayed at in Lauer. Drinking tea. Woke up to a quiet island with the only sound I could hear being the calming sound of waves.


Last week my family, friends and myself spend three days at a lighthouse outside of Hvaler, Norway. It’s the same lighthouse that we celebrate our annual christmas party six months ago. We spend the days talking, reading, sun bathing, bbq’ing and some of the braver ones: swimming. We rented the cabin by Oslofjordens friluftsråd. There are so many cabins and houses to choose from. You’ll most likely find something that suits you.