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History in Brief

The Refsnes Gods has been marked by hospitality from the 1700s to the present. At the time, Refsnes Gods was in the center for companies in the district. Mosse-Noblesse withdrew from the city of Oslo after a busy winter with conviviality, and spent the summer months in these more pleasurable and rural regions.

The town's big businessman, David Chrystie "the oldest," purchased the goods at the time. His son, David Chrystie "the Elder", and his wife Sophie were fond of parties, so many of the contemporary celebrities visited, like Camilla Collett. Dairy entries have been written about enjoyable visits to the estate, including the Lord Society bishop in 1812, where plenty of good drinks were served. They wrote about the masquerade ball with 300 guests in 1816, where the party lasted until seven o'clock the next morning! And in 1898, King Oscar II visited, and a great banquet was held in his honor. Today, Kongesalen, or the King's Hall, of estate is named after this visit.

To date, there have been a number of owners of Refsnes Gods, which continued as a popular center for companies in the district until the owner Lorentz Meyer Boeck's death in 1935. Around 1930, Refsnes Gods changed from private residence to restaurant. And when the family Christiansen took over Refsnes Gods in 1970, the site was developed into today's leading hotel, now run by the family Salbuvik. Hotel Director and owner Gunn Salbuvik welcomes visitors with open arms. The genuine hospitality we've heard about the place proves this. We are planning the program for the day and evening, and Gunn adds that all are welcome as they are in the restaurant. If you want to dress up it is fine, but it is certainly not necessary. It should be both homely for guests.


Munch and Contemporary

Today, visitors come from afar to celebrate a wedding, enjoy a romantic weekend, eat good food, or arrange a conference. The estate has a fashionable feel to it, with embellishments and special details. You’ll love the art displayed. The estate has 425 works of art, mostly paintings, but also sculptures in Nina Sundby and Nico Widerberg. It is impossible not to be impressed. Refsnes Estate is a small and intimate hotel with just 61 rooms, enough to take good care of the guests. All rooms have their own contemporary artist on the walls, and the suites are named after the artist whose works adorn the walls. If you choose, for example, Håkon Bleken, it is his original paintings hanging there. Few hotels can boast such detail.


Exquisite food and rich wine cellar

Food and wine has always been a focus of the estate. Restaurant Munch is located in the old main building's first floor. The restaurant is known for its renowned cuisine, personal service, and wine list. It is possible to go to Refsnes Estate and order a 7-course Grand Menu as well, if you’d like more than 5 dishes. More Munch originals adorn the walls. Restaurant Munch offers a particularly rich menu and wine list, making it the first choice for a special occasion. Chef Stephen Hamilton loves rooted local food and uses Østfold’s rich larder. The restaurant also received the "Award of Excellence" from the famous wine magazine Wine Spectator, which is comparable to the allocation of Michelin-star restaurants! The wine cellar in its current form began around 1970 and has been maintained by the book. They think of the future when purchasing wine, providing an unprecedented access to mature the wines you'll find anywhere. Restaurant Manager Ann Christin Skar and her team will gladly help you to find the goodies among the roughly 7,000 bottles.


Famous Breakfast

Breakfast is served in the magnificent pavilion with glass walls, a few steps away from the main building. There are great views of the fjord and you’ll enjoy the experience. The estate has actually won awards for its healthy and good breakfast buffet.


Art and Quiet

Many visit Refsnes Gods just to enjoy the tranquility. However, various activities are also on the menu if you want to do more than relax. How about an art tour of the unique collection of contemporary Nordic art? Painting classes are available as well as other activities. Or a private wine tasting at the award-winning wine cellar? It has held wine courses and wine tastings on a regular basis. An occasional rarity from the basement can appear in such courses. If you choose an estate-weekend, there are opportunities to catch a wine course. There are also opportunities for wine courses with a 4-course dinner in the wine cellar.

With its picturesque location by the fjord, you may be tempted by refreshing experiences at bay all year round! Sauna, outdoor Jacuzzi, and indoor golf simulator are all great options for hotel guests. And if you want more art, you can take a short walk to Gallery F15.

Refsnes Gods and Jeløya are certainly worth a visit in the summer. Just enjoy looking at the beautiful avenue from the estate of the sea!