Shopping in Fredrikstad  -  A shopper`s dream

From quirky crafts to iconic brands

Stroll around town and explore small indie shops, international stores and large malls. Designer brands, big names, and boutique stores - The city has everything you need for a successful shopping spree. 

You can shop til you drop in Fredrikstad

From the bespoke to the unique, Fredrikstad is brim-full of independent stores and boutique shopping treats.

Wide selection

Typical motive from shopping in the Old Town.

Fredrikstad is the county Østfold's largest city and, being the country's 6th largest city, it lacks nothing when it comes to its range of shops, cafés and restaurants. Here you will find everything the European big cities have to offer. The city is located near the large cabin and resort areas along the Fredrikstad coastline and the Hvaler islands. Downtown Fredrikstad offers a wide range of shops; with everything you expect to find in a well-developed city center. Fashion boutiques, chain stores and shops specializing in a variety of products. Fredrikstads many shoe- and clothes stores gives you lots to choose from; whether you prefer cheap second-hand or international fashion brands.

The Old Town is very close to downtown Fredrikstad - just two minutes away with the town ferry across Glomma, and you'll find yourself in one of the world's best preserved fortress cities. The Old Town has an almost magnetic atrraction for visitors. Here you walk on cobblestone streets, soaking in impressions from exciting views of the empire-inspired blocks of brick buildings and colorful wooden houses. Here are a number of personal and unique shops in a cozy 1700s environment where small shops and second-hand stores lie side by side with all the galleries and cafés.


Østfoldhallene Shopping Mall  -  Everything in One Place

«The fastest way to get to know  a woman is to go shopping with her». Marcelene Cox.

«The fastest way to get to know  a woman is to go shopping with her». Marcelene Cox.

In addition to the stores in the city, is the Østfoldhallene Fredrikstad's large trade and shopping area. It is located just outside the city center along Road 109. There are five large halls and one of them is a classic mall with 62 shops. In the other halls you will find larger warehouses with electronic products, furniture, tools for building and home repair, sports, tiles and hardware - simply a perfect place for great bargains. Parking is free and far away from narrow city streets with expensive parking fees.


What to choose? In Østfold's largest shopping mall, Østfoldhallene, there are four shops selling shoes of very high quality.

Shoe Hunting in Fredrikstad

People travel from afar to Fredrikstad to buy shoes. The reason is that here is a large number of chain stores and independant shoe shops.
"Blå himmel" is an exciting shop specializing in ladies' shoes. Here you will find comfortable, pretty and sexy shoes of high quality. To the delight of many "Blå Himmel" acquired the former "Skodamene" shop in the Old Town when they decided to close last winter.  In addition to Norwegian designers, "Blå Himmel"s shoes come from Italy, Spain, France, Germany, Austria and Denmark. They have also realized the  need for shoes in extra small and extra large sizes, so they should have something for everyone.

Whoever said money can’t buy happiness simply didn’t know where to go shopping.
— Bo Derek
I always say shopping is cheaper than a psychiatrist.
— Tammy Faye Bakker

Shopping & Wellbeing along the shores of the Oslo fjord

From hunting out designer bargains, to tracking down shabby-chic antiques, you can do it all in Østfold County - then revive in a super-sleek spa.

Shopping Fredrikstad

The Oslo fjord area offers everything from ultra-modern malls and sleek shopping centres to independent stores and boutiques. Discover your own favourite among Fredrikstad's Old Town medieval streets; Skjærhaldens harbour area feature independent stores selling everything from the latest labels to burnished antiques; Stroll around town and explore small indie shops and international storesthe urban streets of downtown Fredrikstad; Norwegian Outlet is unmissable, with up to 70% off every brand, every day; then there's Østfoldhallene, here you can visit 60 shops and experience Fredrikstad's pioneering shopping and trade area - just 5 minutes drive outside Fredrikstad city; experience the city of Sarpsborg with the sleek and urban Storbyen Shopping Mall in the middle of the city centre.

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