The list of shops in The Old Town



Du og jeg mamma

Du og jeg mamma  is a charming and sweet shop in the heart of Old Town, in Raadhusgaten 16 in Fredrikstad. Clothes from size 44 (premature) to about 16 years, but you will also find some women's and menswear, nostalgic and retro inspired toys, games and trinkets, designer jewelry, a little gift related shabby chic, shoes and accessories for children from about str 24- 38. You'll also find some souvenirs. And of course we have baby and child related goods, and stuffed animals.

The store carries a variety of brands that you will not find so easily, and some brands are we alone either in Fredrikstad, Østfold, or Norway.

Rådhusgaten 16, 1632 Gamle Fredrikstad
Tlf 97021037

Galleri Mimosa

Our ambition is to offer some of the finest brands in interior, furniture and accessoires. We have a shop in historic surroundings in Kirkegaten 28,  in the Old Town in Fredrikstad. With our inspiring and charming location, we always give the best service.

Address: Kirkegaten 28, 1632 Gamle Fredrikstad
Telephone: 69 32 01 20


Hygge og Lykke
This is an industrial design inspired gift and lifestyle shop. We have much tough and rough with a dash of nostalgia, in a price bracket you can afford!

Addresse: Torvgaten 64, 1632 Fredrikstad
Telephone: 970 21 037



Blå Himmel

Shop with clothes and shoes from natural materials, colours, craftsmanship and unique design.

Address: Kirkegata 28, right by the Old Town Square in Fredrikstad

Phone: 400 62 596


Galleri eM

We are a group of artists working at Bastion5, arts and crafts center. Come and visit our open workshops and experience ceramists, painters and glass artists at work. There is a particular tranquility and atmosphere of our old fortresses. In this unique atmosphere we have established arts and crafts center Bastion5. With green meadows, ancient walls and many activities, we hope that the center will be a gathering point.

Address: Toldbodgaten 105, 1632 Gamle Fredrikstad
Telephone: +47 986 39 149

Libris Gamlebyen

Norway's biggest chain of bookstores in the Old Town.

Address: Voldportgaten 75, 1632 Fredrikstad
Telephone: 69313573



If you want something you can’t find in other stores, you should pop into Regnbuehuset! Interesting selection of clothing, jewelry and gifts.

Address: Voldportgaten 73, 1632 Fredrikstad
Telephone: 69 32 07 68

Gamlebyen Papir og Kortevare
Old and exciting shop with a variety of gifts and interior.

Address: Rådhusgaten 16, 1632 Fredrikstad

Telephone: 69320735


The shop is located in the idyllic old town of Fredrikstad, but delivers products to the whole country.
Address: Plus-gården, Kirkegaten 28A, entrance from Voldportgaten, The Old Town in Fredrikstad
Telephone: 69 32 03 60


Lille Special

Our desire is to be a counterweight to the major food stores and give our customers something special. We offer exciting products of high quality from small-scale producers in several countries. Specialties of Italian cuisine, many exciting products from New Zealand, Britain, France, Denmark and Sweden.

Address: Rosenborgveien 3A, 1630 Gamle Fredrikstad
Telephone: 99274412

Gamlebyen Elektriske AS

Gamlebyen Elektriske has a shop that sells what you need for your electrical everyday. We have small electrical appliances, lamps, light bulbs, vacuum cleaner bags and much more. Pop in for a look at our assortment.

Address: Voldportgata 75, 1632 Gamle Fredrikstad
Telephone: 69 32 12 50

Kong Frederiks Dame 

The shop offers a treasure trove of women’s wear from various Scandinavian and international designers. Visit us in the heart of Old Town!

Address: Voldgata 8, 1632 Fredrikstad

Telephone: 69324435


Therese M 

This is a fashion shop with clothes, shoes and accessories geared towards her. We are located in the Old Town of Fredrikstad. We look forward to seeing you!

Address: Voldgaten 10, Gamlebyen Fredrikstad
Telephone: +47 993 28 169



Glasshytta i Gamlebyen

Glasshytta in Old Town is the first studio glass cabin in Norway. It was started as part of the PLUS - organization. PLUS was founded in November 1958 and had its business until 1978. The purpose was that the workshops that were created during the organization's protection would act as laboratories to develop designs for large and small businesses. The flammable Glasshytta was placed on Rave Linet, outside the other buildings. PLUS started with nine workshops in operation, and the peak was fourteen. Glasshytta amounted, in addition to three textile and ceramics workshops, the core of PLUS, but was already in 1962 made into a separate corporation and separated from the rest of PLUS - organization.


Glasshytta was from the outset a popular pastime for city tourists.


Glass blowers in Glasshytta was in the first period drawn from both Hadeland Glassworks and Magnor Glassworks. It was the simple and primitive, and glazing their individual differences, which were highlighted in glasshyttas products.


ARNE LINDAAS (1924) was the first artistic director for both PLUS and Glasshytta. He was on the 50s and 60s one of the most versatile designers and designed in many materials. In glass he designed purpose-objects in simple shapes with colors green, antique gray and blue.


The next leader of Glasshytta was RICHARD DUBORGH (1932 - 2007) who was responsible for Glasshytta from 1960 to 1970. He spent the first years the same colors as Lindaas and forms were very simple and often variations on basic forms. Cylinder shape was used in both vases and platters. In late 60s took Duborgh use a larger color gamut, and he let various effects into the glass mass.


From 1970 to 1979, Benny Motzfeldt (1909-1995) artistic director. She was basically draws and debuted in 1936 on the  exhibition Høstutstillingen. It was a study in Italy, visiting Glass cottages in Venice, including contributed to her interest in glass art. Although she says about the interest for glass in this way: "How I got into glass? When I was asked the same of an Englishman, I said that it was an accident - an accident or an accident, but it was alredy an incident - a coincidence - I meant. "


From 1970 until the year she died, 86 years old, worked Benny Motzfeldt at Glasshytta in Old Town, Fredrikstad. It was here that she seriously began experimenting with glass, and her creativity established her as a glass artist of international renown. Benny Motzfeldt told that her daughter as a child called her Mom antics, and that it was important for her to keep her creative imagination also on older days. Benny Motzfeldt had exhibitions that gained great response in both home and abroad, and she perceived the dialogue with the audience as important.


Benny Motzfeldt was dependent on skilled craftsmen and questions if she did not wish to blow their glasses even she replied: "No, why should I do it ... I can intervene in the middle of the process, more or less control the development of the pulp. Without glassblowers I could not have made glass, but I do not think they could make these things without me. "(Source: Benny Motzfeldt Universitetsforlaget AS in cooperation with Gallery Acantus, Oslo 1984)


ABEL Sawe (1958) started at Glasblower in 1987, has been a partner in Glasshytta since 1991 and from April 2008 the sole owner of the Glass Factory. In Fredrikstad he began glassblowing skills for Benny Motzfeldt, but started in 1991 also to blow glass himself designed. Since 1995, he has essentially blown own design (see separate review).


Glass Blowers as shorter or longer periods has worked in Glasshytta: Henry Svensrud, Ragnar Pettersen, Jack Johannesen, Finn Kristiansen, Solveig Pettersen, Ebba Von Wachenfeldt Bjorn Stern, Petter Hagen, Erik Dreyer and Jon Sorensen. In addition, several assistants worked at Glasblower.

Adresse: Glasshytta AS, c/o Abel Sawe, Færgeportgaten 84, 1632 Gamle Fredrikstad

Glasshytta: 69 32 28 12

Abel Sawe: 480 95 239