Singløy is the northernmost of the islands in Hvaler municipality and it is close to the Sarpsborg coast. The island is located north of Kirkøy in the Singl fjord. There is no ferry to Singløy so you will need to go there in your own boat or by taxi-boat. This popular island has a few holiday homes and is covered by forest. The coastline is dominated by twisted pine trees.

In the south-western part of Singløy you can enjoy interesting rock formations - potholes that capture your imagination. To see the amazing potholes should be a good enough excuse to visit Singløy. Chances are good that the fish is abundant near Singløy, and sea trout have a favorite place here. Singløy had its own school until 1939 and there are still residents on the island, which has an area of 2.2 square kilometers. Singløy's highest point is at 34 meters above sea level.