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Compare flights to Norway, uncover flight routes and find the best prices. The Oslo Fjord region has three airports with varying degrees of accessibility to Fredrikstad and Hvaler; Oslo Lufthavn (OSL), Rygge (RYG) and Sandefjord Torp (TRF). Read more about alle the three airports HERE

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Fredrikstad & Hvaler accommodation is both varied and exciting, with hotels, B&Bs, luxury cottages, simple cabins, campsites and much more to suit any budget or group size. 



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A short trip of less than 2 hours from Oslo you can experience the world of Hvaler. A world which is best described as breathtaking and magical.

For a long time Hvaler has been regarded as one of Norway's most exciting holiday and recreational areas. The sea, the beauty of the coastal landscape, the many rustic villages and the record many hours of sunshine attract holidaymakers to this amazing archipelago.

Hvaler must be experienced, you must have been there to understand…

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Let all the hurry fade away in Hvaler. In the rush crush of modern life, the rarities are what we value most, such as space, quiet and time. The space to breathe, a time to dream. You can find these treasures in Hvaler, where the islands are many and the people are few.

The nice holiday experience starts at Visit Hvaler

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