This group of islands consists of the main island Tisler and numerous smaller islands around it. The islands are located far out at sea. In spite of their exposed position, the islands have been populated for centuries, maybe for over a thousand years. The settlement history dates back to the Middle Ages and until 1939. At the most, 30 people made their living here as fishermen or pilots. A few houses have been preserved as summer houses and there are also between 5 and 10 cabins here. Large areas on the islands are open for public recreation. There is no ferry to bring you to or from Tisler. If you want to visit these islands, you'll need your own boat or hire a taxi-boat. Here are two high-quality sandy beaches. Sheep graze here and the coastal climate helps in providing extra quality of the meat. Grazing is an important part of the maintenance of the islands so please keep your dog on a leash. Tisler is well worth a trip. However, being as far out in the ocean as they are, you'd better go there when tbe weather is nice.