One of the typical "hidden gems" in Østfold is Tomb Gård (Tomb Farm). The place is really a must to visit for those who are captivated by rose gardens and magnificent settings. You can bring your loved one on a romantic walk in the park of the 1800s, with ponds, canals and arched bridges, one cenotaph from about 1820 with the mighty, ancient oaks and other trees.


Around 1680, Tomb was one of 12 manors in Smaalenene Amt. In this region, there were half of the manor houses that existed in the whole country. The manor designation was given to the farms that had royal privileges and house lords.


The Tomb is a large collection of modern roses, in addition to a fine selection of historic roses and some wild rose varieties. Rose Garden Tomb has approximately 350 different varieties and about 1,900 rose bushes. The greatest flowering in the rose garden happens from mid-July to mid-August. Since the main purpose of the rose garden is to be beautiful and to delight the visitors, it is always open and there is free admission.