Exciting Tourism Initiative for Fredrikstad and Hvaler

Visithvaler.com is the brand new travel guide and tourist information web site for Fredrikstad and Hvaler.

New tourism portal for Fredrikstad and Hvaler on the web

Fredrikstad and Hvaler has long been one of the most popular holiday and recreation areas. Sea, coastal landscape beauty, the many rustic villages, and record hours of sunshine lure vacationers out to this amazing archipelago.

Although Hvaler already draws many travelers to the Hvaler Islands, so there is a huge potential for even more tourists from both Norway and abroad visit Hvaler. Visit Hvaler sites were made for this; visithvaler.no (national) visithvaler.com (international). Both primarily focus on supplying travel guides and visitor information for Fredrikstad and Hvaler. The initiative will take place with such a large and active scope that has not previously been done for Fredrikstad and Hvaler. Visithvaler.com will have an equal focus on Fredrikstad as the destination because Fredrikstad and Hvaler are close to each other geographically, but also complement each other with their differences.

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Ytre Hvaler National Park

The Hvaler archipelago is one of Norway's most important areas for recreation and outdoor activities. The archipelago's 506 kilometers long coastline is a haven for visitors both in the summer and the in the winter. Its scenery, the seagulls and myriad of activities is a favorite destination for both locals and tourists. Large parts of this archipelago became part of the Outer Hvaler National Park in September 2009.

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The Fortified Town - The Old Town of Fredrikstad

It`s easy to fly to the past on the wings of your imagination when you walk along the narrow lanes of the Old Town in Fredrikstad, and read the street signs that tell the story of the town`s life hundreds of years ago.

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Herføl - a stunning landscape of rocks