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Fredrikstad and Hvaler's archipelagos are a paradise for kayaking. The thousands of islands, rocks and skerries, many of which are uninhabited, offer endless possibilities for sea kayaking adventures for both novices and more experienced paddlers.

Kayaking in Norway

Kayaking All Year

The Fredrikstad and Hvaler coast is considered one of the best and most unique areas for kayaking. It is rare to find an archipelago as easily accessible as the Fredrikstad and Hvaler coast. Even if the wind is strong, it is usually easy to find protected areas between islands or in the fjords. The more protective waters are excellent for families or the novice at kayaking.

Kajakk Hvaler

For those who seek challenges and waves the Fredrikstad and Hvaler coast offers several suitable areas where you can splash and play in high seas. The sea is often rough in these four areas; Rødshue (close to the beaches Storesand and Ørekroken) at Kirkøy island, the southern tip of Asmaløy island and the west part of the Vesterøy island, and the west shoreline of Herføl island.

Kayaking is an all-year activity and you will get different experiences depending on the time of year you choose to go kayaking. The archipelago is deserted and quiet in the spring, and you have it all to yourself. It is buzzing with life in the summer. The wind is strongest in the autumn, and in the winter, when the ice has covered the coves and a wonderful tranquility prevails.