Tenting in the archipelago paradise

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The coast and the islands of Fredrikstad and Hvaler invite tenting in close contact with nature. You are on your own on islands and islets, and your needs and your pace control your day. The freedom of the boat and the tent allow for countless opportunities.You can spend weeks island hopping or stay put on "your own island". 

The rules for camping on the Fredrikstad and Hvaler coast allow everyone to tent in the same spot for two or three days. Some have their favorite places and would rather not move. In addition to them occupying the same spot for a long time, they deny themselves the experience of discovering new places. We recommend that you go exploring the archipelago to see the qualities of each island. By doing so, you will get to know the area and the nature, and also meet new people - for you will hardly stay alone very long on "your island". 

Toilets and garbage cans can be found in many places in the archipelago, but fresh water is often scarce. Tenting must therefore be planned with that in mind. A few days without showering and running water must be replaced with fresh dips in the sea and brushing your teeth in salt water. Meals on the grass or on the shore are memorable whether they are very simple with sausages cooked on a disposable grill or elaborate gourmet meals with fresh ingredients from the sea. It's amazing what you can prepare using a camping stove or just charcoal and aluminum foil. Restaurants may have as many Michelin stars as they like, but nothing tastes better than food cooked outdoors.

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Where Your Nose Is Pointing

Take the day as it comes and go where your nose is pointing, is a luxury many dream of during their holiday. The weather does not really matter, it's more a question of picking an activity and appropriate clothing. Why not support the environment and go by bus or bike on your holiday adventure? Put up your tent and enjoy the extra adventure that only a holiday by bus or bike can provide.