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It is incredibly easy to travel to Fredrikstad and Hvaler. Whether you are going by plane, bus, train, car ferry or by car you will quickly get tobeautiful Fredrikstad and Hvaler. Fredrikstad has a very well developed network of public transportation, both in the city and surrounding areas. The Hvaler islands are located just outside Fredrikstad ( 15 minutes by car), and the bus connection between Fredrikstad and Hvaler is very good. Hvaler is also well connected by bus to Oslo and Norway's main airport, Oslo International Airport. Fredrikstad and Hvaler are located in Østfold county, just 30 minutes from Moss International Airport in Rygge.

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The Oslo Fjord Region Travel Map:

The Hvaler islands


Map: Ferry routes island hopping

Map: Fredrikstad


Map: The Fortified Town (Old Town) and the island Isegran:

Map: The Outer Hvaler Nationalpark