Great potential to draw in more tourists to Hvaler

- Hvaler is the place to visit. You have to have been there to understand, is a slogan VISIT HVALER will be using to market The Hvaler Archipelgo and the town Fredrikstad on the web and push the Oslo fjord region. It’s a fact that those who have been visitors of Hvaler are mostly residents of somewhere by Oslo. Although most people in Norway have heard of Hvaler and have some knowledge about nice the archipelago nature is at Hvaler, there are still too few visiting. People often need an extra "push" to take decision to travel to places that are unfamiliar or seemingly not easily accessible. It is such a "push" a powerful commitment to Hvaler that attractive destinations for tourists and outdoor enthusiasts should contribute to.

Outside the borders of Norway it is important to help Hvaler to be an attractive tourist attraction. Consider, for example, how many Europeans associate Norway with deep western fjords, mountains and northern Norway with special Lofoten. It is both natural and understandable, but also "sellable" destinations because of its unique habitats and majestic expression with the sea and mountains at once. The Oslofjord region has been somewhat overshadowed by the formidable campaign that has been conducted for the northern lights, the fjords, mountains and northern Norway.

This issue of tourism in the Oslofjord region does not only concern for Hvaler, but the entire area from the Skagerrak and almost into Oslo city. Therefore Visit Hvaler realizes that it requires a strong commitment to the Oslofjord region and is the result of the multi-destination and tourism products in the coming months to lift the Oslofjord region as a tourist destination (,,,,,,, and

Brattestø, Hvaler

We want to believe that a person who sits in a high-rise building somewhere in the thickest part of the Ruhr area or similar populous areas in Europe will find the Oslofjord, and especially Hvaler, as an exotic and unknown destination, which will cause them to consider this as their next holiday destination. Just think how unique nature of the Oslofjord is and how rare it is. It is probably only in Norway, the northern west coast of Sweden, Stockholm archipelago, which has this kind of archipelago scenery, and also within well-developed infrastructure in close proximity to the resorts. One must simply "sell" that you can have a wonderful summer vacation by the Oslofjord, and that area is just as exciting for outdoor activities year round.


Visit Hvaler also believes that in a few years, there will be a natural pressure to raise Oslofjord’s attractiveness as a destination for tourists and outdoor enthusiasts from all over the world. The traditional destinations in Europe are well visited by many, and are therefore seeking new "pristine" sites and alternative types of holidays. Also, because the population is small along the Oslofjord (compared with holiday resorts and towns in Europe) it will probably feel like a relief for many tourists to visit vacation destinations that are not overcrowded, but instead these vacation options with unique nature and open space, just like Hvaler!

Vesterøy, Hvaler